A few words about us

pic_5The Beauty of sailing deserves to be shared.

Our Mission is simple.  Provide fun, safe and rewarding sailing opportunities at an affordable price.

Not everyone can afford a racing yacht or has friends or family that can, this should not be a barrier to entry.  Quite simply we match crew who want to sail with experienced skippers and yachts.

Our goal is to get as many people as possible to participate and leave having had the experience of a lifetime.

We believe in putting safety first and allowing everyone to experience offshore racing in a supportive environment. We'd like to finish top of the leader board but the individuals on board will always come first.

Our youth scheme allows anyone to support the next generation of sailors as they come through the ranks, by subsidising costs for our youngest members we are able to give back to the community we love.

our team

  • Randy Gomez

    Randy is a 200 TONS (MCA) qualified Yacht Master . He started Sailing at the age of 11 and for several years was involved with dinghy racing classes both teaching…

  • Germaine Williams

    As an RYA Instructor Germaine enjoys passing on his experience to others and finding ways of sharing his passion for this sport with as many people as possible.…

  • Aladin Montel

    Aladin is an incredible sailor who ended up sailing with us by pure chance, he grew up on water and lived aboard from the age of 8, covering…

  • Andy Young

    Andy is a Yachtmaster Offshore and Cruising Instructor. He has been sailing since he was seven years old, starting on Mirror and Topper dinghies at the Warsash Sailing…

  • Sophie O’Neill

    Sophie began sailing at the age of 12 and was introduced to sailing by her father. Over the last 18 years she has had a very successful sailing…

  • Chris Kobusch

    Chris first started sailing in 2007 when he left school to volunteer at a pre-school in Cape Town. Developing a love for the sea in South Africa, this…

  • Claire Treasure

    Claire started her career in a very different role to what she is in now! Claire began working full time at the age of 16 and worked for…

what we offer

  • 01Practice Days, Race entry & Social events
    We believe that great results can not be achieved by cramming safety briefings and training into the shortest time possible, this is why we give our crews 2 extra days of training at no extra cost.  This gives us plenty of time to gel as a team, work out any kinks and enjoy the many social events these races have to offer
  • 02Training & Accomodation
    Take advantage of the wealth of experience on board to take your sailing to the next level, accommodation on board will be in the form of shared cabins and this is included in the costs. We do recommend everyone take advantage of the few creature comforts available on land whilst they can.
  • 03A Modern Approach
    From our App that contains all the details of your voyage at the swipe of a finger through to our supportive and constructive approach on board, we believe that a modern approach to sailing should be embraced