ARC Rally

Sailing since November 1986, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, has been a main fixture in the sailing diary for over 30 years and as the largest race of it’s kind, is a ‘must do’ for many sailors. It registers on the bucket list of experienced sea dogs and unseasoned landlubbers alike.

Better known as ARC, the rally attracts over 200 boats and 1200 people every year, from all over the world. Strangers gather together in Las Palmas, to meet their fellow crewmates and become familiar with the boat that will be their home on the ocean for the next few weeks. They will spend their land-based days preparing themselves, mentally and physically, with training and safety drills before the first gun sounds and the rally begins. Sails are unfurled and the boats plow through the waves towards the classic trade wind routes. Elements are battled and old and new skills are put into practise as the boats sail 2700NM across the planet’s second-largest ocean. By the time the boats cruise into the warm waters of St Lucia, elated life-long friends, step off the boats into the open arms of the welcoming committee and some well-earned rest and celebration.

Having successfully completed ARC 2018, Sail Racing Academy will again join ARC in the Racing Division. This means no mechanical propulsion; it’s the wind in the sails the whole way! We recognise that for many of our crew on board this is an opportunity to fulfil a life long dream so for us, ARC is a race where we strive to be first across the finish line whilst embracing a whole lot of fun along the way and making the adventure as enjoyable as possible.

Though Sail Racing Academy is all for everyone enjoying themselves, safety remains our top priority and we have spared no expense in ensuring that our boat is equipped to the highest level.

The Professionals

  • Neil Maher

    Neil started sailing out of Dun Laighaire on the south side of Dublin Bay. A few years later he started teaching as a summer job which then became a full-time instructor job once he left school. After completing his Yachtmaster Offshore qualification he spent 3 years in Greece as a charter skipper and added delivery work to his repertoire. Neil Continue Reading

  • Katy Rota

    Katy learned to sail on the north coast of Sardinia on dinghies, and cruised around the Med on her dad’s boat. After obtaining her sailing licence in Italy she spent the next 20 years cruising the Med with friends and family. She has raced the last two RORC seasons on a highly competitive First 40.7 and in the last year Continue Reading

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17th Nov - 21st Dec 2019 - Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia


5 Days Training & More on the voyage
Gain considerable miles towards quaifying for the RYA Yachtmaster qualification.
The Cost of this package is £2495

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