Volvo Round Ireland Race

The Round Ireland is Ireland’s premier offshore yacht race, and the second longest race in the Royal Ocean Racing Club calendar (700+ miles). The first race took place in 1980 with only sixteen boats. Since then, held biennially, the fleet has grown steadily, attracting a record 64 entrants from all over the world and ranging from small yachts to high performance catamarans.

The course is simple, leave Ireland and it's rocky outcrops to Starboard, this naturally lends its self to create one of the most picturesque and stunning race courses in the sailing calendar, at times it can be challenging and varied, from Atlantic squalls to wind shadows and holes this is not a cruise but a challenge to be conquered and something to be proud of.

Hosted by a small club, there are still plenty of recognisable names and impressive boats but Wicklow hosts them with the same hospitality they show everybody.

There will be 3 members of our team alongside you handling training, instruction and general care throughout the race, this represents a 2:1 ratio and at our prices this shows our commitment to making the experience accessible and valuable for all.


13TH June -27TH June 2020 - Hamble / Wicklow / Cork

2-4 Days training
Delivery & Return mile builder Options
700+ Miles
The Cost of this package is £1500

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