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We pride ourselves on being different, inclusive and at the top of our game, we are a community of sailors that come together to achieve the impossible. If you share the Corinthian spirit and think sailing should be fun and inclusive please join us.

Germaine Williams


  • Germaine Williams

    As an RYA Instructor Germaine enjoys passing on his experience to others and finding ways of sharing his passion for…

  • Aladin Montel

    Aladin is an incredible sailor who ended up sailing with us by pure chance, he grew up on water and…

  • Andy Young

    Andy is a Yachtmaster Offshore and Cruising Instructor. He has been sailing since he was seven years old, starting on…

  • Sophie O’Neill

    Sophie began sailing at the age of 12 and was introduced to sailing by her father. Over the last 18…

  • Chris Kobusch

    Chris first started sailing in 2007 when he left school to volunteer at a pre-school in Cape Town. Developing a…

  • Claire Treasure

    Claire started her career in a very different role to what she is in now! Claire began working full time…

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